Waveform Transmission vol.1 (USB)
by Jeff Mills

Artist : Jeff Mills
Format : USB card (credit card size) with a plastic case

Limited Quantity

8 tracks in the vinyl format + 4 unreleased tracks from the early 90’s

Images for each tracks by the visual artist Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca

01. Phase 4
02. Berlin
03. Jerical
04. Changes of Life
05. The Hacker
06. DNA
07. Late Night
08. Man-Like
09. The 7th City (unreleased)
10. Psycho Thrill (unreleased)
11. The Code (unreleased)
12. Late Night (Mills Remix) (unreleased)

Featuring 8 tracks and artworks by Gustavo Alberto Garcia VacaRecorded in New York in 1992, originally licensed and released on Tresor Records GmbH, Berlin

Created and produced by Jeff Mills.

USB card 2012
VAT excl. €20,00

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