Time Tunnel (Book,CD)
by Jeff Mills

Artist : Jeff Mills
Format : Book + CD

8.5 x 11inch hard cover book with 96 pages of history archive of “Time Tunnel” events created by Jeff Mills.  All color pages.  In English and French.

Inspired from the 1960’s American Science Fiction TV show The Time Tunnel, created by Irwin Allen, Detroit Techno music producer/DJ and conceptualist Jeff Mills creates a live sound, visual and dance music event series designed to pull the dancing audience back and forth in time through a simulated visual Time Machine to explore the past, present and future of Music. In a painstaking and tedious process to synchronize and plan every minute of the seven hour event, Mills attempts to revolutionize dance music by giving the audience a thrilling and unforgettable sequence of unique and exotic experiences. Jeff Mills is no stranger to conceptual music, he’s made the most part of his long career as a deep thinker and producer exploring science fiction and science-based subjects, such a X-102 : The Rings Of Saturn, the sci fi chapters of his Sleeper Wakes series, a collaboration with Astronaut and Doctor Mamoru Mohri with “Where Light Ends”, a contemporary dance and performance project exploring the existence of Extra Solar Planets and many other outstanding projects. This book is an archive, explanation and retrospective of the various Time Tunnel events at the Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France. It includes a CD album consisting of selected tracks played during the programming, made specifically for this Time Tunnel concept. Commentary text by Jeff Mills.  (from the back cover)

CD tracklist:
01. The Space Horizon
02. Just Imagine….
03. What A Machine Believes
04. Robot Defection
05. Fixtant
06. The Mythic Barrier
07. Cultus
08. Earthlings in 100,000
09. 1910: Voodoo Magic

Book/CD - English/French 2015
VAT excl. €20,83

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