The Messenger (CD)
by Jeff Mills

Artist : Jeff Mills
Format : CD

The Messenger is the fourth chapter of a musical science fiction series. Conceived and produced by the futurist Techno musician Jeff Mills, this chapter explores the recycling of Planet Earth and the end of all Earth’s life forms. Doomsday appears to be nothing more than an agricultural reconditioning phase controlled by an alien life forms, they reveal the explosive reality of creating the Human animal for the production and harvesting of Dreams. Caught between secretive human+alien relationship, The Messenger pleads the case for more time so that humans can evacuate Earth and save innocent lives – but time has run out.

01. Approaching Moon
02. Human Product
03. The Industry Of Dreams
04. Dream Raiders
05. Aitken Basin
06. Beneath The Luner Surface
07. The Moonite Guardians
08. Secrets Of The Moon’s Dark Side
09. A Truth Revealed
10. Dream Extractions
11. The Probes
12. Inner Connected
13. Genesis
14. Last Of The Human Harvest

Time: 73’51”

CD - Jewel case 2012
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