by Jeff Mills

Artist : Jeff Mills
Format : 2CD / 32p color booklet in double jewel case

Classical version: performed by Jeff Mills with Orchestra Sinfonica do Porto Casa da Musica, conducted by Christophe Mangou

Original Sketches: performed by Jeff Mills

Not since the classical score of Gustav Holst “The Planets” (1918) has there ever been anything this profound. Electronic Music pioneer Jeff Mills creates a new type of score and performance project consisting of Classical and Electronic Music. Planets is a tutorial journey through our Solar System to musically visit each of the nine planets. A modern approach to understanding other known worlds, Mills creates, applies and manages the sounds and instruments seamlessly to the point of commonality – resulting in brave new approach in conceptual music.  One of a kind cosmic and music journey which leads us to a new era of purpose music.

Tracklisting :
PLANETS Classical Version (Stereo sound)

  1. Introduction
  2. Mercury
  3. Loop Transit 1
  4. Venus
  5. Loop Transit 2
  6. Earth
  7. Loop Transit 3
  8. Mars
  9. Loop Transit 4
  10. Jupiter
  11. Loop Transit 5
  12. Saturn
  13. Loop Transit 6
  14. Uranus
  15. Loop Transit 7
  16. Neptune
  17. Loop Transit 8
  18. Pluto  (approx 60 min)

Original Sketch (electronic version)(stereo)

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars
  5. Jupiter
  6. Saturn
  7. Uranus
  8. Neptune
  9. Pluto  (approx 40 min)


PLANETS Classical Version:
Concept/Original Composition: Jeff Mills
Classical Arrangement: Sylvain Griotto
Recorded at Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal
Recording engineer: Carlos Lopes (Casa da Musica)
Pre-editing: Anne Laurin
Mix down engineer: Jonathan Allen (Abbey Road Studios)
Additional Keyboard arrangements: David Walter
Mastering engineer: Darcy Proper (Wisseloord Studios)

PLANETS Original Sketches:
Concept/Composition: Jeff Mills
Recorded at Spider Formation, Chicago
Mix down engineer: Jonathan Allen (Abbey Road Studios)
Mastering engineer: Darcy Proper (Wisseloord Studios)
©2017 Axis Records
Front cover illustration: tomochigreatest
Layout: Michiharu Yasufuku

2CD 2017
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