Oil Slick
by Bachar Mar-Khalifé

OIL SLICK a tragic event always accidental, has taken on the status of a common noun.
This is also the title Bachar Mar-Khalifé has chosen for his debut album. Born in Beirut, Bachar left Lebanon for France at the age of six.

He grew up listening to the voice and compositions of his father (Marcel Khalifé). After training with Abd Al Rahman El Bacha, he went on to the Boulogne Conservatoire, where he gradually gave form to his singular approach to piano and percussions, alongside fellow students Rami Khalifé (his brother, piano), but also Aymeric Westrich (drums, synths) and Alexander Angelov (bass, backing vocals), who all took part in the elaboration of Oil Slick.

With Oil Slick, it is as a singer-composer that Bachar (percussions, piano, synths) takes stock – on the social, political and passionate level – of the world as it is today.

This re-issue and Record Store Day edition includes 2 bonus tracks, live solo versions of Progeria and Distance recorded in Paris in 2016.
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