Man From Tomorrow (Book,CD,DVD)
by Jeff Mills

Artist : Jeff Mills
: 8 Page Booklet, CD, Digipak, DVD

“Man From Tomorrow” feature film (documentary/ 2014/40min)
(English with subtitle options for French/ Japanese /Italian)
8 page booklet of the commentary by the director

CD Track Listing:
1.  The Occurrence
2.  Multi-Dimensional Freedom
3.  The Event Horizon
4.  Gravity Drive
5.  Star Marked
6.  Us And Them
7.  Sirius
8.  The Man Who Wanted Stars
9.  The Source Directive
10. Actual
11. The Watchers Of People
12. Searching
13. The Warning
14. Light-like Illusions
15. Star People
16. Utopia

DVD - CD 2014
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