Kitsuné América
by Various artists

1. Myenemy 
2. Gamesofluck 
3. Hideout 
4. Older 
5. Allaround

Famous for discovering unchartered territories, record label extraordinaire Kitsunéis perpetually on the trail of the ingenuous talents that are designing – now - tomorrow’s soundscapes.

Yet electronic dance’s recent take off in the USA has been such that the Parisian imprint chose to dedicate a set of compilations documenting the current explosion of new exiting American artists and producers.

Trusty Kitsunépushes yet again the boundaries of reason by gathering as ever a diverse and quirky selection of tracks which stick to no rules but their own, borrowing here, digging deep there, and generally cranking the amps to 11... From bedrooms to the most sophisticated studios, imagination and sensibility have no limits in 2013.

Always curious and hungry for new sonic hybrids Kitsunétakes different turns and dares unexpected alternative routes. The pace is slowing down and is getting groovier with some urban vibes springing up, yes this is l’Amerique... Kitsuné-style.

12inch Vinyl
VAT excl. €16,67

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