Kiki la petite Sorcière (Image Album)
by Joe Hisaishi

Les Studios Ghibli annoncent la sortie des bandes originales des films de Hayao Miyazaki composées par Joe Hisaishi, rééditées pour la première fois en vinyle. Retrouvez ici la bande original inspirée des premières image du film "Kiki la petite Sorcière".

Studio Ghibli are announcing the release of Hayao Miyazaki's films' original soundtracks composed by Joe Hisaishi reissued for the first time in vinyl format. You will find here the Image Album version of "Kiki’s Delivery Service."

  • Pochette Vinyle Replika / Replika Sleeve
  • Bandeau "Obi" /  "Obi" 
  • Poster inclus / included Poster


A1. Mother's Broom
A2. Nampa Street
A3. The Town at Night
A4. I will be Fine
A5. A Date by the Beach
A6. A Windy Mountain

B1. Mister Tombo
B2. Lily and Jiji
B3. What a Wide World
B4. The Bakery's Window
B5. A Sudden Gust
B6. An Alley lit by Treelight

LP - Vinyl 2020
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