Theme From The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex
by Coil

Musique Pour La Danse est fier de présenter la bande originale réalisée par Coil, le mythique groupe anglais de musique expérimentale et industrielle, pour le documentaire d’éducation sexuel The Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex, sorti uniquement en VHS en 1992. Cette B.O. très recherchée est sortie pour la première fois en vinyle en 2019.

La musique est décrite par John Balance, fondateur du groupe, comme “légèrement new age, un genre de house progressive” dans une interview pour Compulsion Online. On peut aussi l’identifier à une collection de beats balearic, de jazz brumeux assez proche du travail
de Badalamenti pour David Lynch ou d’un album comme FIdelity de The Durutti Column par exemple.


Next in Coil’s archival excavations is their soundtrack to a pre-internet, VHS-only sex ed documentary released in 1992. Released from masters with the blessing of Danny Hyde (Jhon and Sleazy’s right hand man and go-to engineer), this first proper edition of the soundtrack features a newly reworked “sexy” edit of the main theme along with bonus reworks of ‘Nasa-Arab’ and ‘Omlagus Garfungiloops’ which appeared in the soundtrack to ‘Gay Man’s…’ as well as on 1992’s CD-only ‘Stolen And Contaminated Songs.’

In a way that Coil would shed with later recordings, ‘Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex’ sounds very much of its time, melding downtempo rhythms with smoky atmospheres in a way comparable to fellow ambient travellers such as The Orb and FSOL as contemporaneous material by Lynch & Badalamenti or even The Wildbunch, essentially nailing a sort of Balearic backroom or afterhours style.

The big highlights are the EP’s balmiest and jazziest bits, namely the dusky blue strut of ‘Alternative Theme From Gay Men’s Guide To Safer Sex’ that opens the EP, along with the iridescent shimmies of ‘Exploding Frogs’ and its rework ‘Omlagus Garfungiloops’, which could almost be a fantasy collaboration between Japanese Electronics-era Heinrich Mueller and Angelo Badalamenti at his most snake-hipped and winking.

While we’re not certain of the soundtrack’s efficacy in its purpose - it remains a unique piece of the impossible jigsaw puzzle that is Coil’s catalogue, and a fine throwback to early ‘90s ambient/downtempo styles.

Tracklist :
A1. Alternative Theme From Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex
A2. Exploding Frogs
A3. Nasa-Arab 2

B1. Nasa-Arab
B2. Omlagus Garfungiloops
B3. Theme From Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex

Label : Musique Pour La Danse

LP 2019
VAT excl. €20,83