Watch Dogs : Legion (Original Game Soundtrack)
by Stephen Barton, Stormzy, Baby Knoxx

 Once again we teamed up with Ubisoft to bring the music of high-tech action game Watch Dogs: Legion to good ol’ fashioned vinyl. This triple LP set features original score tracks by Stephen Barton and tracks “Rainfall (feat. Tiana Major9)” by Brit Award-winning Stormzy and “In the Jungle” by Baby Knoxx.

Watch Dogs: Legion builds on the open-world stealth-action gameplay of its predecessors, delivering a never-before-seen gameplay innovation. Players can recruit and play as anyone they see in the iconic city of London: an MI6 agent, a tough bare-knuckle fighter, or an inconspicuous old lady.

Composer Stephen Barton has amassed an enviable AAA credits list, including co-composition on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (with Harry Gregson-Williams), the Titanfall series, Apex Legends, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. For Watch Dogs: Legion’s pulse-pounding original score, Barton blends a dizzying array of electronic and percussive elements, with flashes of breakbeat and layers of atmospheric ambience.

25 tracks specially mastered for vinyl will be pressed onto three audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g black discs.

Tracklist :

Side A
Welcome To The Resistance
Helen, The Bringer of War
Rainfall (Ft. Tiana Major)
Interlude - Walkürenritt
This Little Piggy Went to Camden Market

Side B
A Hard Night’s Day
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Evil Capitalist Machiney
Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey
Interlude - Bagley
A Room With A Queue

Side C
The Future Is Bright
Sax, Drugs And Rock & Roll
Eye In The Skye
Not Great Expectations
Cruel Britannia

Side D
The National Stealth Service
Interlude - Dies Irae Interlude - Dies Irae
It's All Gone A Bit Tom Tit
Apotheosis, Meet Kettle
Bare Knuckles

Side E
Chop Shop
Time For A Hard Reset
Orwell That Ends Well
In The Jungle

Side F - Etching

Label : Laced Records

3LP 2021
VAT excl. €42,92