The Ballroom Tape
by Haunted Days

Sur ce premier véritable album solo du producteur Haunted Days, le jazz des années 30 vient traverser les paysages sonores, entre cloud rap, lo-fi hip hop et post-rock, laissant sur son passage les traces d’une nostalgie fantasmée, mais non subie, des souvenirs éronnés, confinés dans ces onze titres à la froide beauté.

K7 de couleur bleue


Fresh and enigmatic French producer Haunted Days taps into a chilly, nostalgic wasteland on his debut album, which is a gorgeous array of lo-fi field samples, hip-hop percussion, dramatic strings and longing vocal samples that feels like a distant cousin of cloud rap. Increasingly inspired by a range of artists projects across the spectrums of jazz, post-rock, and everything in between, he’s further fine-tuned an elegant aesthetic approach and an unmistakable indie ethos that’s come to life on "The Ballroom Tape".

Blue Tape

1. Floating over 
2. May I have this dance ? 
3. Free fall 
4. An odd letter to 
5. Four feet 
6. Empty garden 
7. Ballroom scene (feat. Sonia Herrero)
8. From the attic 
9. Early morning walk 
10. Incertitude continuelle (feat. Gene) 
11. Next winter 

Label : Parapente Records 

Blue Tape 2020
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