Streets of Rage - Perfect Soundtrack
by Yûzô Koshiro

Livraisons des cassettes à partir du 11 Septembre

L'OST culte de Streets of Rage "Streets of Rage - Perfect Soundtrack" , composée par Yûzo Koshiro est de retour avec des pistes entièrement inédites dans un superbe digipack collector luxe et une cassette collector !

Produit officiel Wayô Records élaboré avec Yûzô Koshiro et SEGA.


Tapes shipments will start on Sept 11th

The cult OST of Streets of Rage "Streets of Rage - Perfect Soundtrack", composed by Yûzo Koshiro is back with completely new tracks in a superb luxury collector digipack and a collector cassette!

Official Wayô Records product developed with Yûzô Koshiro and SEGA.


01.The Street Of Rage
02. Player Select
03. Fighting in the street
04. Attack the barbarian
05. Round Clear
06. Dilapidated Town
07. Moon Beach
08. Keep The Groovin
09. Beatnik On The Ship
10. Stealthy Step
11. Violent Breathing
12. The Last Soul
13. Big Boss
14. You Became The Bad Guy
15. My Little Baby
17. The Super Threc
18. Name Entry
19. Game Over
20. S O R Super Mix
21. Rave Dance In The City
22. Skyscraper Night
23. Quiet Insanity

CD 2020
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