Noises In The Right Order
by D-Styles

"I recorded these songs off and on from 2010-2019. These songs are all produced by myself using the Turntable x Records x Scratching = Music "



1.He's Your Friend Too
2.Death By 1000 Papercuts (feat. DJ IQ & Eprom)
3.Roll Call (feat. Mo Serious)
4.Day Desert Trek
5.Stranger Danger (feat. Flip Flop)
6.Watch Yo Step
7.Some Old Funky Sh*t
9.For Lack Of A Better Word
10.The Whistles Tho
11.Therapeutic Destruction (feat. Kypski & Traps)
12.Diamond In The Rough
13.1 For 2 For 1
14.Oolong High
15.Active Crime Scene (Sobra Version)
16.Take A Ride (feat. Melo-D & Shortkut)
17.Elephants In The Room (feat. Pryvet Peepsho, Miyajima, Lone Wolf & Maroon)
18.Tonal Catastrophe (feat. Mike Boo & Kypski)

2x12inch Vinyls 2019
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