Last Train To Marzahn
by Cosmo Vitelli

I’m a Cliché’s first release of 2016 comes from label boss Cosmo Vitelli. After a five-year hiatus during which he was kept busy by his band Bot’Ox and relocating from Paris to Berlin, this is the very first release to come out of his new studio located in Berlin’s Marzahn district.


This emotional uptempo track driven by heartfelt synth work explores the territory of dancefloor melancholia. Influences from genres that end in « -wave » but also from the spirit of sentimental electro are obvious and they are creatively used by Cosmo Vitelli for particularly catchy and elegant dance-inducing results.


Cosmo Vitelli further explores and reinterprets the melancholic and melodic potential of older genres on this catchy tune that sounds like a lost recording from a forgotten yet influential band that used a bass guitar, gently modulating analog synths and vintage drum machines with a taste for dissociatives on the original sound track of a 70s French film.


There’s something ominous in this track with a definite rock feeling which is structured around brooding percussion, hypnotic melodies, sinister synths and an entrancing bass line. Darkness prevails and this is the perfect track to take the dancefloor on a date with the hounds of hell.


One of our favorite producers in Paris delivers a remix which enhances the hypnotic elements of the original track which he turns into tune tense, dark but quite debonair where low end groove is complemented by tribal percussion. Clearlly, this is a track waiting to be unleashed on the dancefloor.


Fx Mchn is an up and coming producer from London whose tracks are often played by Cosmo Vitelli. This remix focuses on the funkier side of Cruel Story. Instantly danceable, elegantly layered and with added melodic touches, this track conjures element of the Detroit sound and will work wonders on even the most demanding of dancefloors.

12inch Vinyl
VAT excl. €10,00

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