Just For Your Hand (7" Edition)
by Ugly Mac Beer

In the class of breakbeats that any DJ/turntablist needs to have in his record collection, ‘Just For Your Hand’ by DJ Diess, aka Ugly Mac Beer, is definitely among the best. Released in 2003 on 12-inch vinyl, the famous breakbeat, first volume of a vinyl collection dedicated to the genre and recently completed with ‘Just For Your Trapped Hand’, made its big comeback 12 years later on 7-inch vinyl limited to 500 copies, and for this occasion it is adorned with a sexy pink, in reference to crazy original artwork, in glam trash mode.

A complete collection of sounds to scratch, scratch tools, vocal samples and loops from hip hop classics, cult films and cartoons, handpicked by the parisian sound-digger.
The best means to please all aficionados of all-terrain scratch, to fuel with good sound your portable turntable, while putting color to your training sessions!

7inch Pink Vinyl
VAT excl. €12,42

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