Hip Dozer Vol.6
by Various artists

This year we have the chance to have onboard some of our favorite new talent from the scene with the like of Burrito Eats, Emapea, Oksami, Flughand and Wun Two. We also have the chance to have standard bearers like Okvsho, Saib, Handbook, Phonics, SamuW, Shuko and Vanilla.

We want to thank so much all the artists who took part in this project and that were as enthusiastic as we are in its realization. It’s been such a thrill since this venture started and this is just the beginning. Much love to all of you guys listening and supporting wherever you are.

Hip Dozer Fam.


LP1 - Side A
A1. Vanilla - Backwards
A2. C Y G N - Midnight Pleasure
A3. Phoniks - Flora
A4. Samuw, Mendeville & Lazlow - Fantasy Funk
A5. Flughand - Nuts (ft. steichi)
A6. Burrito Eats - Solitary Manhattan at 4pm

LP1 - Side B
B1. Emapea - Eastern Wind
B2. Okvsho - Scho Guet
B3. Handbook - Vermillion
B4. Sleepdealer - All Blurry
B5. Shuko - Mo Better Soul
B6. Figub Brazlevic - 1922

LP2 - Side C
C1. Tesk - Moss
C2. Oksami - Trippy
C3. Sweatson Klank - Need To Be
C4. Wun Two - Arapaziada
C5. Konteks - Sunny Soul
C6. Tom Doolie - You And Me

LP2 - Side D
D1. Ozelot - Old Tram
D2. Dwyer - Artefakt
D3. Hm Surf - Purple Theory (featuring Kristoffer Eikrem, Dokkemand)
D4. Saib - Fallen Leaf
D5. chief. - No One's Awake
D6. Tohaj - Transfer
D7. Inky, summermind - Temperament (feat. Imagiro)

Label : Hip Dozer

2LP 2022
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