Grim Fandango - Remastered OST
by Peter McConnell

Jazz is not dead. In fact, in this case, it is ... but in the most appropriate way for the 20th anniversary edition of the classic point n 'click Grim Fandango, created by Tim Schafer, legend of this particular style.


Le jazz n'est pas mort. En fait, dans ce cas précis, il l'est... mais de la manière la plus appropriée pour l'édition du 20e anniversaire du classique point n' click Grim Fandango, créé par Tim Schafer, légende de ce style particulier.

  • 2xLP
  • 20th Anniversary Director’s Cut
  • ‘Many Manny Faces’ Diecut Cover
  • Music by Peter McConnell
  • Album Art by Holly Rothrock

Tracklist :
A1 Grim Fandango
A2 Intro
A3 On The Roof
A4 Mr. Frustration
A5 Brennis
A6 Ledge Peckers
A7 Domino's Office
A8 Compañeros
A9 Lost Souls Alliance
A10 Casino Calavera
A11 Swanky Maximino
B1 Smooth Hector
B2 She Sailed Away
B3 Hi-Tone Fandango
B4 High Roller
B5 By the Lighthouse
B6 Farewell Lola
B7 Hector Steps Out
B8 Gambling Glottis
B9 Trouble With Carla
B10 Blue Hector
B11 Blue Casket Bop
B12 Rubacava
B13 Shanghai'd
B14 The Lola Zapata
B15 Sunken Lola
C1 Miner's Room And Factory Hub
C2 Lamancha Sub - Crushed
C3 Temple Gate
C4 Mayan Train Station
C5 9th Heaven
C6 Huevo Marrow
C7 The Englightened Florist
C8 Meadow Flowers
C9 ByeBye
C10 Manny & Meche
C11 Bone Wagon
D1 Manny's Office
D2 Copal's Office
D3 In The Lobby
D4 Lost Souls Alliance - Alt Solo
D5 Lost In The Petrified Forest
D6 This Elevator Is Slow
D7 Blue Casket Bop - Alt Solo
D8 Raoul Appears
D9 Scrimshaw
D10 Talking Limbo
D11 Domino's In Charge
D12 Los Angelitos
D13 Coaxing Meche
D14 Neon Ledge

2LP 2019
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