Gong 3000
by Jonathan Kusuma

Indonesia’s best kept secret, the talented JONATHAN KUSUMA makes his debut for I'm A Cliché with the GONG 3000 EP where tracks ranging from the heavenly to the downright gritty showcase the full range of the producers abilities.

THE GRAND SEARCH : As majestic as it is ecstatic, THE GRAND SEARCH is about taking the dancefloor all the way up to the heavens.

GONG 3000 : With a grumbling bassline, ricochet drums and an irresistible syncopated cowbell, there is a dark, frenzied and utterly danceable quality to GONG 3000. If there is such a thing as East Asian EBM, this track is totally canonical.

STREET SIREN : A devastating peak time weapon where KUSUMA uses siren sounds, a ruthless rhythm section, intoxicating synths, samples and effects to create a colossal track.

STREET SIREN (KARAMIKA REMIX) : Karamika is a duo formed by Black Merlin aka George Thompson and Gordon Pohl from Music Cargo. They take the darkest elements from the original track and transform it into a brooding track with a definite industrial feel which will boggle minds, melt faces and last but not least set bodies in motion.

12inch Vinyl
VAT excl. €10,00

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