Gone Home
by Chris Remo

Named best story and best adventure game of 2013 by IGN, Gone Home is a game with no fixed objectives in which we follow a young woman who returns to her family home after a trip abroad. In Gone Home, Chris Remo’s music is not only a mood, but a thriving and dynamic character in itself.


Sacré meilleure histoire et meilleur jeu d’aventure de 2013 par IGN, Gone Home est un jeu sans objectifs fixés dans lequel on suit une jeune femme qui revient dans sa maison familiale après un voyage à l’étranger. Dans Gone Home, la musique de Chris Remo ne sert pas seulement d’ambiance mais est, à elle seule, un personnage florissant et dynamique. 

  • Limited Edition of 1000
  • Lavender Dawn Vinyl
  • Music by Chris Remo
  • Album Art By Leighton Gray, Faith Schaffer and Noël Clark
  • Includes Digital Download

Tracklist :
1. See You Soon
2. At the New House/First Day of School
3. Hanging Out with Girls/Dealing with Roots
4. Default Friends/Ship Date
5. Stick with the Group
6. The House, Part 1 (Original)
7. The Nunnery
8. A Very Long Phase/Getting Lonnie
9. Daniel
10. Just Gone
11. The House, Part 2 (Original)
12. Dedication
13. Life Moves On
14. In the Attic
15. I Said Yes
16. I'll See You Again
17. The House, Part 1 (In-Game)
18. The House, Part 2 (In-Game)

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