Edit Service 002
by Various artists

The SPECIAL DELIVERY – the vinyl iteration of I'm A Cliché's EDIT SERVICE – is back. After last year's first instalment in the series that featured acclaimed edits by Red Axes and Rouge Mécanique, this time around we commit to wax four edits that come courtesy of Mannequin Records' A.A. We'll let you connoisseurs trace back the originals.

A1. Systa — Driven by female vocals and a LinnDrum groove this mid-tempo edit is a melodic and elegant affair. As the track progresses it becomes more and more ominous and there is no doubt you’ll witness the dance floor breaking down while it’s played.

A2. Atema — An uptempo number where production and vocals harken back to the sound of Italian new wave. Culled from an ultra rare cassette-only release, this is a compelling track that will make everybody feel the rhythm of the dance.

B1. Pava — Another reminder that Italian film soundtracks from the late 70’s and early 80’s are absolute gold mines. This number where bass guitar, live drums and a fair share of analog keyboards are used truly stands out thanks to its plodding groove and slow motion dance-inducing rhythm. Perfect for warm-ups or wind-downs.

B2. Lapi — If there’s a banger on the EP, this is it. Retro-futuristic, dark and catchy this rare minimal wave cut is quite irresistible and this edit is bound to cause some interesting damage on the dance floor.

Each copy is hand-stamped and come with an exclusive poster (40x60cm) folded and inserted in a picture disc-style PVC sleeve.

12inch Vinyl
VAT excl. €10,00

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