by Cosmo Vitelli

After releasing the Last Train To Marzahn EP in 2016, I’m a Cliché boss Cosmo Vitelli is back with the label’s first release of 2017, CLICHÉ066.

When Suddenly : Acid With Cosmo Vitelli’s trademark style being eclectism, it’s pointless to pin down this track to a specific genre. Borrowing from the kind of disco not disco and acid-without- 303 vibes that I’m a Cliché is famous for, this is an instantly gratifying tune where synthesizers are engaged in call and response melodies in an elegant take on the idea of machine funk. The result is catchy, refreshing and primed for the dancefloor.

El Si Señor (Skinny version)

If you think this track is just a tool, then you’re only getting half of the picture. Skinny but chock-full of melodic and percussive content with a plodding rhythmic section moving at around 105 BPM. This is a downtempo track where heartfelt melodies, sound effects, and pristine seamless arrangements are used with great results by Cosmo Vitelli.

The Cemetery of Unsigned House Tracks

Clocking at 9 minutes, don’t get fooled by the track’s tongue-in-cheek title, we’re dealing here with a seriously epic tune. Set in an endlessly rising motion, the track begins with a refined but twisted vibe, sparse but ominous guitars and plenty of FX. Gradually, an infectious synth arpeggio rises and carries with it the whole track, some sort of hypnotic and sensual monster, utterly irresistible on the dancefloor.

El Si Señor (Soundtrack Version)

With melodies that are more expansive and at the fore, leaving the rhythmic section discernible but clearly in the background, this version of El Si Senor is a reference to 70s film music, and this bittersweet tune closes the EP in style.

12inch Vinyl 2017
VAT excl. €10,00

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