Ballad Of The Ice
by Red Axes

More than a summary, this LP is an invitation to discover a singular musical identity: a ballad of the ice, a song as light as love and cold as a tunnel, springy as a dance step and deep as nostalgia.

After 'Head Like Glass', a pure cold-wave intro, Red Axes take us on a repetitive stroll of light percussion with 'Kicks Out of You'.

Then comes the rock track 'Watkins', followed by a brass dub 'Only a Clown Can Catch an Axe'.

The poignant 'Papa Sooma' feels like it's coming out of an old cassette player, and 'Road to the Hills' is all intimate house feelings.

'Neon' will make you clap your hands on the stage of an urban western, while 'Candy' is a toe-tapping Mancunian devil.

'Bela Lugosi's Dead', a Bauhaus cover, adds a layer of groove in the bat cave, and finally, 'Dreams Like a Tale' closes the album in a psychedelic mist.

12inch Vinyl
VAT excl. €10,00

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