Stiletti-Ana - Ep
by Stiletti-Ana

I’m a Cliché is proud to present a self-titled mini-LP by Stiletti-Ana aka Ilari Larjosto, the legend of Helsinki's underground.

A simple look at his Discogs page gives you the shivers: as a producer, the man is also an arranger, a singer and a musician...A voluble trace that makes you think that his debut mini-LP oddly fits his I'm A Cliché residency. From the Baltic dungeon to the cave of La Java's, Stiletti-Ana's project will feel at home among the selected members of the "Dark Disco Polo Club."

UNIVERSAL CARRIER : Opening the EP is this track of endless vertical ascent thanks to fuzzy melody and a galloping bassline.

TROUGH THE SKYLINE I HEARD UR VOICE : A slow jam with an utterly uplifting and playful vibe. If there ever was bleep & bass made in an italo disco style, this is it.

SILVE : This track is an invitation to dive into the deeper side of Stiletti-Ana. Melodic and full of flutter, this track manages to be gracefully ethereal while never losing its dancefloor potential.

MOTORS : This track is full of catchy and dramatic hooks compelling the dancefloor to shake it. Add a breakdown with a delightful melody that contrasts with the track's moodiness and you've got yet another great example of Stiletti-Ana's unique style.

THEY KNEW THEIR TIME WAS CUMMING : A stomping groove, rasping bass, precious synth melodies and tubular bells thrown in for good measure. Power and melody are combined on this highly danceable track that does not compromise on creating a special atmosphere.

TIME WE LEFT THIS WORLD TODAY (PART2) : Closing the mini-LP is this blissed out track, an invitation to free yourself from your earthly shackles and leave your surroundings to explore other worlds.

12inch Vinyl
VAT excl. €10,00

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