Beatsqueeze History

To sum up Beatsqueeze History in a few words, aside from a long and wonderful common experience between sample wizards, this is a matter of tireless passion for the vinyl record through all its forms. As if you reunited under the same banner all the disciplines and activities related to record vinyls, from crate digging to turntablism without forgetting composition, production, publishing, all kinds of distribution, live performance and of course record dealing.

It's in the mid 90's, when he was still called DJ Diess from the rap crew La Formule alongside an MC named JC, who is now internationally famous under the alias Wax Tailor, that Ugly Mac Beer has cut his teeth with turntables, feeding his already insatiable passion for scratching. Great breakbeats and battle breaks admirer, Mac Beer will start going through a solo career with a single obsession: release his first breakbeat and create his own label.

Beep Aaah Fresh Vol 1
Beep Aaah Fresh Vol 1 Ugly Mac Beer
Beep Aaah Fresh Vol 2
Beep Aaah Fresh Vol 2 Ugly Mac Beer

Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer

Known since his debut under the alias DJ Diess as an unquestioned breakbeat specialist made in France, Mac Beer puts the boot in alongside Modo, the two enjoying a strong reputation in the eyes of the pros but also rookies. However, the duo decides to explore other musical fields, more soul, more pop, less complex and more accessible in the style of the visionary instrumentals and heady loops produced by the great J Dilla on his legendary Donuts, true ode to sampling and its limitless possibilities. Thus, Modonut is born, but deeply distinguished from the exclusively instrumental Jay Dee album by the incorporation of vocals and the very surgical care shown in the loops and beats.

Modo and Mac Beer finally search for the rare gem and this will not take long before they meet, through a common friend, the soul jazz singer Jessica Fitoussi. After a few tries, she records in one go the famous Not Afraid, which will become the absolute hit that everyone knows, approved everywhere by everyone and massively broadcasted on Nova back then. Modonut is released in April 2009 on Kif Records, featuring El Da Sensei, Mike Ladd, Dj Troubl, Kankick, and for the two producers, rapidly praised by the critics, it's the beginning of a true acknowledgement in the eyes of the public.

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After several participations in the DMC Championship, Mac Beer releases in 1999 his first breakbeat entitled Breaking The Waves Vol.1 in collaboration with JC, followed by Vol.2 soon after. Two records released on his new born label - Diess Production - which will sign the beginning of a breakbeats series as nutty as cunning, like Drunk Master Break, Win A Trip To Hell Breaks or the now famous Just For Your Hand Vol.1 & 2, which are still part of the best breakbeat records sells in France.

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Modonut Collection

In 2012, Modo and Mac Beer get back to the Modonut project where they left it, giving it a next episode worthy of the name, Modonut 2, whose large range of sound heads more to hip hop than the previous volume, but still with the same groove and melody sense. True to themselves, a special care is provided to the featurings on which we can hear Jessica Fitoussi and Mike Ladd again, irreplaceable accomplice, the Danish singer Astrid Engberg (La Fine Equipe, Berry Weight, Mattic...) and a bunch of heavyweight US rappers like Psycho Les from The Beatnuts, Craig G, Junclassic or even F. Stokes on the scratchy hit Diggin' in the Crates.

In October 2013, a new chapter in the adventure is written with the release of the third opus of the series, Modonut Invasion EP. This time the two sound diggers filmthirsty amuse themselves developing in six hip hop bombs the invasion and invasion anxiety thematic, proper to SF. We again are witnesses of an avalanche of samples from old surf records, movies and B series, of groovy instrumentals and massive scratches, on which are featured the usual Mike Ladd but also the franco-american The Real Fake MC, worthy representative of old school and funky hip hop instilled in the 80's.

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Modonut Invasion
Modonut Invasion Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer

In 15 years of activity, Diess Prod/Beatsqueeze has released more than fifty or so albums, maxis, breakbeats and other reedits on vinyl. A true goldmine for DJs and scratchovores, and a real accomplishment for our two passionate diggers in a difficult time as everyone knows. However now, it seems that their tenacity and love for the record has payed, as we witness since several months a resurgence of the sacrosanct vinyl. Even if we have to put things in perspective - the vinyl market is still an underground market facing digital sales - it allows to look serenely forward.

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