Lanmou Lanmou
by Dowdelin

No spot in music is immovable. No music can sit still but it’s hardly ver as true as it is for Dowdelin, a band that can’t be tied down to a single geography and genealogy. The creole language, Caribbean rhythms, urban energies, dazzling virtuosity, sensual electro: The group evolves in a unique place where genres and colors, heritage and audacity can merge.

Tracklist :

1. Lanmou Lanmou
2. Tan Nou
3. Simé Love
4. Mama Wé (feat. Vaudou Game)
5. Shadow On The wall
6. Yo Wé 
7. Somebody New 
8. On Nou Alé 

LP - White Vinyl CD
VAT excl. €16,67

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