La Napa
by The Bongo Hop

THE BONGO HOP is back with his third effort, an 8 track mini album/ep featuring angolan legend Paulo Flores, colombian singer Nidia Gongora, danish hip hop crew Dafuniks, Voilaaa, & more. With those new tracks, b-sides and remixes all bearing his trademark -infectious adro caribean grooves, warm brass, suprising and genre-bending sound ventures - he’ll take you on a ride from Cali to Luanda, via the dunes of Bechar and the clubs of Detroit and Port au Prince.

Tracklist :

1. Tempo Rei f(eat Paulo Flores)
2. La Ñapa (feat Nidia Gongora)
3. The Red Hill - TBH x Dafuniks 
4. Esta Vida (feat Nidia Gongora)
5. Maydoum Hal (feat Souad Asla)
6. Ventana (Voilaaa remix)
7. Clouds (Futuropelo remix)
8. Grenn Pwonmennen (Dowdelin remix)

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