Freefallin' Dreams
by Saje

At the end of this year 2015, Saje has chosen the label Roche Musique for their first EP Freefallin Dreams. As an intoxicating fever, Saje takes us on a timeless space where everything unfolds with precision and sensuality. Always in the quest of new atmospheres their ability to create unique vibes and to find sounds that take us away, impress. From Freefallin Dreams to Rasberry passing by Our Story, as we listen to it, the EP feels like a melancholic walk through the cold wintery nights. It finally ends with two beautiful remixes, the first one by Katuchat in his own minimalist and aerial style. The second one, by one of the mainstay of the label Roche Musique, Kartell, who takes us toward more swinging and intense rythmes.

12inch Vinyl 2015
VAT excl. €10,00