Coming Of Age
by Zimmer

Recorded between Paris and Los Angeles, Coming of Age oscillates between euphoric moments and nostalgia, seamlessly travelling between soundscapes. Lead single « Escape » is the most pop track on the record, with a catchy piano line and the ethereal vocals of young Norwegian Emilie Adams. « Moonrise » revolves around a luminous guitar melody while ghostly vocals sweep in and out along muted drums, before an array of hand claps takes the song to it’s euphoric tipping point. Coming of Age ends with « We Are In nite », an epic indie nale that feels like the soundtrack of Lost In Translation, capturing the feeling of the morning after an incredible night out in Tokyo.

Zimmer asked his three favorite rising producers to remix lead single « Escape ». That's how the French producer Superpoze, the L.A based Durante & the British JackLNDN appeared on face B of "Coming Of Age EP".

Zimmer describes his sound as a modern and colorful house music, and his new EP Coming of Age is de nitely proving it. « With this EP, I took time to experiment, to sharpen my sound, to bring out the emotions I wanted on the record. I put my heart and soul into this, and hopefully it’s my most complete work to date. » 

12inch Vinyl 2015
VAT excl. €10,00