by Blanka

With Hypnotique, an EP that will be release on July 21st, Blanka puts the light on this definition of music. Through this project, he gathers everyone who’s been closely involved in his career and who share this mesmerizing atmosphere through music.

« In between music and movies, gliding and relaxing atmospheres, I thought this EP with one goal, to do some good. Through the music and thanks to the artists I invited on this opus, I tried to create an atmosphere that spread a positive energy.
Wether it is Astrid Engberg, oOgo and M. Gib (La Fine Equipe), Kung Lao, Amoz (bass & guitar), Awir Leon or Onra, it’s a great pleasure for me to gather this musical family by my side.

Lie back and relax, open your chakras and let these 8 tracks infuse to live a moment out of time.

LP 2017
VAT excl. €10,83