Through The Circles
by La Mverte

La Mverte has shown himself to be someone with a fresh new perspective that takes cues from Italo disco with waves of metallic synths and muted rhythms all embedded within. This EP comes backed with a remix from Acid Washed.

“Through The Circles” is a purposefully slow and wiggling groove that has a hint of dark biker disco to it. The drums are raw and loose and the synths are wide and searching, making for a delightfully cinematic experience from start to finish.

“The Rim is Shot”, another delightfully slo-mo swagger that has chattery claps, spikey synth stabs and wobbling basslines all dancing slowly around each other in loose limbed unison.

“Crash Course” then ups the ante a little, laying down quicker drums and running them through with more tobacco stained synths and thick, rasping basslines. Yan Wagner’s voice beams down from above and brings a dark-wave vibe to proceedings, but La Mverte’s dazzling production still shines through.

12inch Vinyl + MP3
VAT excl. €6,67

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