So It Goes
by David Shaw and The Beat

David Shaw delivers his superb debut album, journeying deep into the world of indie / electronic fusion for the excellent “So it Goes”.

The title is a tip of the hat to Tony Wilson’s icon punk music TV show of the same name, which Shaw apparently has something of an obsession with. It’s a title that is suitably fitting, as Shaw delves into the edgy, avant garde side of pop music, spinning threads of electro, indie & techno into an album that has it’s own uniquely strong identity. From the wonderfully Eighties influenced opener ‘Finders Keepers’ through the slo-mo sequential bass wonderment of ‘No More White Horses’ and on to the emotive and heartfelt ‘Like Swans’ there is a musical thread that ties the whole album together perfectly. Shaw’s cover of The The’s classic ‘Infected’ is a real highlight amongst an album of gems. “So it Goes” is a standout LP that fuses together the often disparate elements of indie and electronica and delivers them as one, through ten powerful tracks that leaving nothing wanting.

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