A Game Called Tarot
by La Mverte

After a first release in 2014 that got picked up by Red Bull Music Academy and saw La Mverte attend the famous workshop in Tokyo, he recently returned to the studio to finalise this new EP, “A Game Called Tarot”.

The title track is a haunting bit of dark disco with oodles of synthesiser drama, slick drum led grooves and plenty of slap funk goodness. It’s hurried and urgent and sounds like the chase scene in a film noir. The remix comes from Alejandro Paz and is an even more dazzling affair with lots of thick synth patterns, filtered, ghoulish voices and tortured pads all making for an intense atmosphere.

Then comes “This Wicked Game”, a nimble and dynamic affair wired up with retro electronics, shimmering synths and plenty of playful cosmic energy. Lastly, “The Wheel of Fortune” is a wobbly bit of rusty disco with sinewy synths, well defined metallic drums and chilly percussion that only adds to the liveliness of the track overall.

12inch Vinyl + MP3
VAT excl. €8,33

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