Raining Again MH019
by Pender Street Steppers

Funky, jazzy et suave, cet EP est un véritable morceau de bravoure de la team de Vancouver ! Comme souvent, ils y alternent morceaux midtempo et house fiévreuse, atmosphères cérébrale et festive. Sorti en 2017, il a récemment été repressé à la demande générale. Attention, ça part vite…


Having spent the last couple of years working on other projects, Mood Hut stalwarts Pender Street Steppers reunite for a welcome EP of loved-up goodness. They begin not with a chunk of saucer-eyed deep house, but rather the Balearic jazz-funk lusciousness of "Raining Again". The sunrise-friendly positivity continues with the ricocheting drum hits, fireside-warm bass and head-in-the-clouds synth melodies of "Mirror (Dub)", before the Canadian duo pays tribute to early Italian house on "Molto Bene". Turn to the flipside for the crunchy deep house dreaminess of "Blackboard" and the ultra-deep headiness of "No Need", in which the talented twosome makes great use of delay-laden drum machine hits and looped, dust-laden hip-hop vocal samples. All in all, this is arguably their strongest EP to date.


1. Raining Again 
2. Mirror (Dub) 
3. Molto Bene
4. Blackboard 
5. No Need 

Label : Mood Hut

12inch vinyl
VAT excl. €10,83

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