Just For Your Hand Vol 4 - 12"
by Ugly Mac Beer

For fans of crazy breakbeats, always on the lookout for good sound to scratch, Ugly Mac Beer, aka DJ Diess, is back! After a Volume 3 dedicated to the British underground culture, the Parisian DJ/scratcher and crate-digger still sends heavy stuff with a new episode in the line of Volume 2, and theses two sides full of skip proof, scratch tools and delirious voice samples. Add to that an excellent sound quality, two instrumentals in narcotic trap music style at the end of each side and  a US gangsta rap artwork for the cover, be sure to find what you're looking for, whether you are an apprentice scratcher or an established turntablist! Yo bitch!

12inch Gold Vinyl 2017
VAT excl. €13,25

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