Hand Funktion
by Aeon Seven

Finally the debut full length LP from Aeon Seven is upon us! After a production career going back to the year 2000, this French maestro has been a creative force in all areas of production, DJing and animation. First gaining some serious attention from the funk/breaks community worldwide with his exceptional 'Funky Furious ep' (2005), he has gone on to produce a clutch of incredible mix tapes that beautifully reveal his deft touch on the turntables and in the studio, he's written a couple of singles for 45 Live Records and produced some slick DJ tools with the 'Thundercuts' series on both 7" and 12". Throughout all this time Aeon Seven has been honing his craft both musically and visually. His love of the instrumental, and obvious love of soundtracks, psyche and jazz come through in all of his productions. From the downbeat and wonderfully eerie and atmospheric themes of 'The Hidden Hand', the cosmic harp led soundscape of the opening track 'Outer Space Illusion' to the uptempo and funky blaxploitation vibes of 'Mankind Hunt', Aeon Seven's grasp of songwriting is mature and expertly executed. I should also mention Aeon's attention to detail with the visual side of his creative endeavours which is something that really makes his releases stand out, I've no doubt his spectacular animations will accompany this release, so look out for that.

A1-Outer Space Illusion
A2-Astral Flight
A3-Black Blood
A4-Mankind Hunt
A5-The Mystery Of Grace
A6-The Hidden Hand
B1-Truth Seeker
B2-Alone Against It All
B3-Solar Bliss
B4-Love Always
B6-Smooth Cooling
12inch Vinyl 2022
VAT excl. €24,92

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