And Then There Was Light (CD)
by Jeff Mills

Artist : Jeff Mills 
Format : CD

Poignant, aggressive, but yet serene sound track created by Jeff Mills for “And Then There Was Light” – a Japanese film directed by Tatsushi Omori based on the novel “Hikari” by Shion Miura.  The music is the additional character in the scenes, showing determination of the people, a great sense of loss, agony and love.

All the music has been newly created for the film, but a techno classic, “Hypnotist” which was originally recorded in 1991 and included in a compilation by Tresor, Berlin in 2002.


1. A Secret Sense
2. Islands From The Lost Sea
3. Raindrops Of Truth
4. Parallelism In Fate
5. The Revenge Of Being In Lust
6. The Bond Of Death
7. The Trail Of Secrets
8. Consequences
9. Danger From Abroad
10. The Little Ones
11. Landscapes
12. Trigger Happy Level
13. The Players Of Consequence
14. Lost Winners
15. The Hypnotist (Hikari Mix)
16. Incoming

CD - digipack 2018
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