Since its launch in 2012, the people at Antinote have systematically been asked the question “What kind of music are you releasing?” and it has not been an easy one...

Since inception they have shone the light on a burgeoning group of French and non-French artists.
Releasing works from across the spectrum of genres, they give their artists time and space to explore and develop their sound. With the aide of Nico Motte from graphic design studio Check Morris, they deliver each record as a musical and visual experience. 
Run by eclectic DJ, Zaltan, the vision is finely tuned and the ears open to yet unknown artists that try to do music differently.



18 Rays

River Yarra

Stéphane Laporte

Nico Motte

Sign Libra

Alek Lee



Inoue Shirabe

Domenique Dumont

Leonardo Martelli

Radiante Poupre

Raphaël Top-Secret


Céline Gillain
Pure Ground Research
Pure Ground Research Geena
Rheologia Nico Motte
Life Goes On If You Are Lucky
Life Goes On If You Are Lucky Nico Motte